F Servo high-precision double spiral slitting machine

product description:

The servo high-precision double-spiral slitting machine adopts advanced technology imported from Taiwan. The computer control system of the machine adopts the top international brand servo motor and AC inverter. The conveyor belt adopts the international brand, the pneumatic vibrator adopts the international brand, and the electrical system adopts Schneider and Omron, making the paper cutting speed faster and more stable; German precision bearings and cutting knives, high cutting accuracy; light-touch computer interface control, easy to operate: reasonable structure of the anti-curvature frame to ensure the flatness of the paper, which is currently the paper industry and packaging Paper processing machinery commonly used in the printing industry.

Feature introduction:

1. Adopt imported AC servo and PLC control system to make the machine cutting faster, more accurate and more stable;
2.10-inch dual touch screen with human-machine screen (with Internet of Things) and self-diagnosis function, making operation simple and convenient
3. With a recurved structure, the cut paper is flat and flat:
4. This machine has a wide range of applications, suitable for dry cardboard, coated paper, kraft paper, cultural paper, offset paper, gold and silver cardboard, tobacco and wine packaging paper and other papers:
5. The cut surface has no burrs and can directly reach the standard of the offset printing machine without trimming again, thus saving time, materials and manpower.

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