UG Automatic Unloading Paper Machine

Witton full-automatic unloading paper machine series has functions of automatic recognition of paper size and location, automatic feeding and unloading paper, it can quickly transport cutting products of a variety of textures automatically to a predetermined position and remove from the working table to a base of a predetermined height automatically. The whole feeding and unloading process is accurate and efficient,and it reduces labor intensity and improves efficiency and working accuracy.Working table is equipped with air cushion device,the process of up and down   is driven by the worm gear reducer.The ball screw and linear guide ensure smooth and accurate movement of the table. The movement of working table is driven by the worm gear with rack and pinion. Linear guide slider positioning makes it easy to move the working table. The machine has advantages in feeding and unloading paper automatically, accurately and efficiently. Pneumatic components are adopted from Japan and Taiwan, and electric components from France, Germany, Japan and Korea. Electrical configuration is a programmable controller. Japanese PLC can monitor all appliances of the machine, adopting NSK Bearings of low maintenance.

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