68E Full Hydraulic Program Control Paper Cutter

Product Description:

Cutting knife and paperweight are controlled by hydraulic transmission. Fully hydraulic drive makes the machine more secure and imported hydraulic parts ensure the stability of the system. The machine has the function of a reference setting and keeping, and the effectiveness of the reference and self-diagnostic function; infrared protection and hands button interlock protection device; precise paper pusher guide, high precision of alignment and rear angle. Computer system adopts 10-inch colorful full-touch screen, servo motor driven,. The data resolution is 0.01mm, with self-diagnostic function and operation mode display, 100 program groups, more than 10,000 different cutting positions, dynamic tracking, max paper pushing speed 5-10 m / min, and it has imported hydraulic components; electric components from France, Japan, Korea. Its key parts adopt imported bearing of low maintenance.

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