WT1050 fully automatic flat die cutting machine


★ Using high-speed paper feeder, it has high paper feeding precision, good stability, durability, quick adjustment, and is suitable for both thick and thin paper.
★ The paper-feeding wallboard is made of castings, which has good stability and is suitable for high speed.
★The overall adjustment structure of the paper feeding table flip frame: accurate, fast and stable.
★The paper feeding table is made of imported high-end stainless steel plate, which is beautiful and durable, with low resistance and smoother paper feeding.
★Imported thin paper conveying belt, strong and durable.
★The front and rear transmission wheels and shafts of the main chain of the tooth row are strengthened and enlarged to ensure rigid, high-speed and stable operation.
★ The paper pressing brush of the paper delivery part is externally equipped with an all-round adjustment mechanism, which facilitates and effectively adjusts the paper delivery structure.
★The paper delivery and blowing control system ensures that the thin paper can be effectively collected at high speed.
★Servo controlled ball screw automatic pressure regulating device.
★Dual oil circuit system ensures safe oil supply.
★ Main drive synchronous belt (vertical intermittent), equipped with overload torque controller.
★ Non-stop paper feeding, precoded paper pile and auxiliary paper delivery mechanism, shortening auxiliary time and improving work efficiency.
★Die-cutting plate frame and bottom plate mechanism, humanized design, fast and convenient to install and adjust plates. (Optional pre-installed replica rack)
★Front gauge, side gauge and paper feeder fine-tuning device make paper positioning more accurate.
★ Photoelectric level control of double sheets, crooked sheets and empty sheets to ensure accurate and stable paper and reduce waste.
★Touch screen human-machine interface, real-time dynamic monitoring and display of operating status, making machine adjustment and troubleshooting convenient and fast.
★Circulating cooling oil supply system ensures that the main moving parts of the machine are well lubricated and durable.
★Timing and quantitative oil supply system ensures that other moving parts of the machine are fully lubricated and has a long service life.

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