WT1300X bottom suction paper flat die cutting machine


★ Perfect design, fine assembly, good stability, strong safety and low noise.
★ High-strength gripping tooth row and advanced open-grip gripping mechanism can adapt to various types of corrugated cardboard. The front and rear positioning and side positioning mechanisms ensure the die-cutting accuracy of the paper.
★ The worm gear and the specially designed crankshaft connecting rod mechanism are connected in the form of bearings to reduce motion barriers, avoid worm gear impact, operate smoothly, have high die-cutting pressure, and have a high-point pressure-holding function. The worm gear is extremely wear-resistant. Made of good aluminum bronze, long service life.
★ Non-stop paper feeding and auxiliary paper delivery mechanism, shortening auxiliary time and improving work efficiency.
★ Adopt domestic advanced three-dimensional cam indexing mechanism, pressure regulating device, pneumatic plate locking, pneumatic sampling, and overload protection device. It adopts imported synchronous belt transmission.
★ The paper feeding method adopts downward suction and paper feeding, and a secondary positioning mechanism is used to reduce the requirements for paper. During work, workers' hands should be kept away from the die-cutting part of the machine to ensure workers' work safety.
★ The pneumatic plate locking mechanism can make plate changing and padding more flexible and convenient, and the plate frame fixing is more firm, accurate and time-saving.
★ Programmable controller and human-machine interface, digital display of the machine's working speed, the number of processed sheets and total running time, and the machine's fault display make troubleshooting very convenient. It realizes automatic control and real-time monitoring of paper feeding, die-cutting and paper delivery parts, and cooperates with the safety devices of each part to make operation safe and reliable, machine adjustment and troubleshooting convenient and fast.
★ The automatic paper collecting and neatening device makes paper collecting convenient and neat.
★The suspension function of the die-cut steel plate allows the steel plate to be easily pushed in and out.
★Photoelectric level control of crooked and empty sheets ensures accurate and stable paper and reduces waste.
★ Modular design of electrical control, using imported electrical components to ensure precise control and good reliability.
★Circulating cooling oil supply system ensures that the moving parts of the machine are well lubricated and durable.
★Pneumatic clutch, stable and reliable combination and separation, small braking angle, and can transmit large torque.
★The die-cutting pressure can be adjusted independently before and after, and manual turning is convenient and labor-saving.
★Timing and quantitative oil supply system ensures that other moving parts of the machine are fully lubricated and has a long service life.

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